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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Zain Wimax VoIP Hack: Call FREE with Huawei Echolife BM635

OK so you want FREE CALL

Change the marked fields to valid one

  • Point your browser to
  • Login using user:zain
  • Click on Basic > VoIP > SIP User
    And enter a valid number in the marked fields
    Note: SIP ID, Username, Password are all same i.e.
    SIP ID: 13644272
    Username: 13644272
    Password: 13644272
  • Click on Apply then on Register

You can check the status of VOIP registration under STATUS > VoIP

Note: This will only work if you are using Zain WiMAX

Few valid Zain@Home VoIP numbers:






SIP Server
SIP Registrar Server Address: voice.bb.zain.com
SIP Registrar Server Port: 5060
SIP Service Domain: voice.bb.zain.com
SIP Proxy Server Address: sia-zainCA146.bb.zain.com
SIP Proxy Server Port: 5060



Unknown said...

fyi, zain removed voip server/account access from user account, only available on admin now.

did you know you can use x-lite (sip client) to connect directly with sip server instead, you could relay access through private vpn and make wimax calls anywhere from teh world.

Worthless Mind said...

hi , i was searching for something like setting up the voip on mobile phone so that i could directly access the server from my mobile and use wimax account to make calls.

Anonymous said...

@john dee can u teach how do connect xlite on a private vpn or directly to sip server?please email me for the tutorials at g.joshu@live.com i already downloaded the xlite

Unknown said...

guys tell please please please tell me whats the username and password

when i go to

Unknown said...

o man when i go to basic i cant get VoIP or SIP User

RealGangsta said...

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