Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Exclusive: Menatelecom Motorola WiMAX CPEi 35775 configuration Upload/Download hack

Motorola WiMAX CPEi35775 (from Menatelecom) Config Upload/Download hack
might work with other models like CPEi 150/725/750....

How to Upload and Download Motorola Wimax CPEi 35775 config file?

Config file download

After Clicking download save the config file

Config file Upload

After Successful upload (cpe will reboot)

*Note: Click Read more to get the Config Upload/Download hack pages

Config file detail:
LMMC 4C4D4D43 + 00030000 (fixed)
compressed size 2E4B0000 ---> 4B2E = 19246 bytes
checksum 72720441
uncompressed size 0E540100 ---> 1540E = 87054 bytes
Zlib = 789C........

Config file details

Uncompressed config file (deflated)


Edit the config xml according to your needs and then compress (inflate it). After that upload it

Download: Config Upload/Download page..

OR check
My Downloads



knytwarrior said...

great job

no private blog now

knytwarrior said...

i wanna see the black cat on action meowth

Root Shell said...

Yes no private blog. Don't have time to manage both blogs. Blackcat later, now have practical exams coming up then final exams. :P

knytwarrior said...

goodluck on your exams my friend

marlbred said...

Hi.. good day!

I just want to ask how to deflate and inflate the config file? im really lost in this part.

Hope for your soonest reply

my email add is: [email protected]


Anonymous said...


Deflate is easy. In linux you can use zpipe to deflate just strip first 20 bytes.

In windows you can use RouterPassView to see the config file.

Inflating requires little calculation.

marlbred said...


Thank you for your response. I know its a bit spoonfeeding but i can send you the config file and edit it for me? I'm really frustrated in making this router open lined. But still its up to you sir. :p


Anonymous said...

How did you get the checksum for the new file? The new file will not upload. It gives the error: [firmwarecfg: Internal communication error. Exiting. : Authentication error]

freakazoid said...

is it possible to root/port openwrt onto this router as it has capable harware with 32mb intel flash and 64mb ram....... does the router run linux by default if yes.....has motorola released its gpl sources...... this router has the tnetv series processor from texas instruments and has pspboot as its bootloader..

hope that helps somebody

freakazoid said...

i have found a link to one of the gpl source release from motorola for motorola CPEi 750 modem but when i google this modem it seems to appear to be the same as the cpei35575 here is the link

RamanRJN said...

what does this do? unlimited upload and download?

Graham said...

Confirmed! This works on CPEi 150.

Successfully changed my device name as a test.

Sir... I owe you a beer.

CoolToBeMe said...

hey ,
how do u deflate a config file .. ?

Abdulgeder Alzaydi said...

Hi i got Clear motorola CPEi 25150 & i couldn't be able to change the WiMax Setting due to the firmware setup for is there any wai to work it out so i can but my own Username & password & certificate file
my ISP is LTT.LY
Best Regards

alimdwb said...

fisrt i login
then i open rootshell_conf_down.html to download my config
it showing:

No data received
Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data.
Here are some suggestions:
Reload this webpage later.
Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The server closed the connection without sending any data.

please HELP!!

alimdwb said...

and what dose that do?
unlimited downloading or what?

Anonymous said...

Hello Root Shell.
Can you please let me know which data is the Checksum calculated for? neither the compressed or decompressed configuration had the correct CRC32 as in the original file from the router.

Please help.

CoolToBeMe said...

serious help man ,really in need for your small help...just how to deflate the config,bin to xml and then back ...i just need to tinker with the frequencies to make the modem work ,is all.

Unknown said...

How can we replace the frequencies in the Motorola 750 , i would like to use the Clear Wimax Router in Libya Wimax.

Unknown said...

please can u guide on the process of decompressing this .conf file in details. thank u.

Unknown said...

Good Afternoon mga sir's. I have motorola cpei 23825, i can't open gui...please help. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Same here i can't access the gui on mt cpei 23825

Jerome Talion Laliag said...

Please teach me how to inflate the xml file.

Unknown said...

Hi iwent some help add me pls
[email protected]

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