Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hack: Connecting to interent a deactivated Menatelecom's Motorola CPEi35775

Before: Auth Fail (User/Pass deactivated)

After: Successfully Connected to the Internet

EAP-TTLS User:Pass Authentication




irfy4u said...

I have a MenaTelecom CPEi 750. Do you know what the Passsword would be? When I try to login with the MGT IP asks for the password.

Please email me at [email protected]

Anonymous said...

try menatelecom

Sbroken said...

i have also 1 dsconnected. can you please email me on how to connect it again? please? [email protected] thanks in advance

Sbroken said...

no response :(

Anonymous said...


you need a active unassociated username/password.

Abdulgeder Alzaydi said...

i have the same motorola CPEi 25150 just need to upload certificate .pem
from our ISP to get connected to the internet but this model did not accept this pem file any help ?

email me [email protected]

Sbroken said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sbroken said...

@Root Shell How did you do that? i was able to change / edit the user & pass but still un able to connect.. where can i get the unassociated account ?

Unknown said...

i have amenatelecom 4G LTE Device. Device InformationService Provider : Mena
Product Name : Lte WiFi VoIP Gateway
Model ID : WLTFSR-115GN
Serial ID : GMH130716000582
IMEI : 358910040544957
IMSI : Not Available
Firmware Version :
Firmware Creation Date : Jan 14 15:14:40 CST 2014
Bootrom Version : U-Boot 1.1.3
Bootrom Creation Date : Jun 7 2013 - 21:35:50
LTE Support Band : 42
and i want to unlck it, to use any other sim card in pakistan, anybody help me please, how to unblock this device? please send me correct method, my Email is [email protected]

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