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Monday, November 3, 2014

Zain Broadband 2.0 (Wimax): NEW Admin Password

Zain Broadband 2.0 Updated

(Admin Password of Zain Broadband Device with updated firmware)

Huawei Echolife BM635

Get Full Access to your device (OWN IT)

WebGUI Login Detail
Username: admin
Password: 2gzVL6MT

Telnet Login Detail
Username: huawei
Password: Adt26BnE

SIP Super Password
 Password: Reverse WAN MAC + R3bKaA

Wimax Super Password
 Password: Reverse WAN MAC + hUm2A786

 For Example
If WAN MAC is 84:A2:5F:3D:CD:2E 
then Reverse WAN MAC will be E2DCD3F52A48



Francesco Fazio said...

I have a hes-319m brand linkem.
could you explain how to dump through serial password?
I need admin password.


Osama Aqeel said...

I need Zain Huawei Echolife BM636e Admin password, please.

beone ahmed said...

in Huawei Echolife BM636e Admin password, please.

akinlusi paul said...

i need how to change the scanset frequence

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