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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Menatelecom WiMAX Internet, VoIP & Logo Hack: Motorola CPEi 35775 (from Menatelecom)

Few Menatelecom CPE hacks & tricks

Motorola WiMAX CPEi 35775 (from Menatelecom) firmware doesn't allow to edit Internet Settings (such as User Name /Password), VoIP Settings and no option to change the Menatelecom's Logo as engineering ipk package is not installed by default.. Few pages are hidden (like pages that allow to change Internet/VoIP user/pass) , only accessible if you know the full URL and page name.

So we will change this settings without engineering IPK package

Changing Service Provider Logo (in this case menatelecom's logo)

First Login to your CPE
(as you can see there's no extra add-on package installed)

Open the Upload Logo Hack page

Enter Router's IP (i.e.

Right-click and save this logo on your pc
(note: you can edit the logo according to your requirements)

Browse to the location of the logo and click on Upload

(Click Read more to download Logo upload html page)

Logo Changed


Make free calls with Menatelecom CPEi35755

How to Change Menatelecom CPE VoIP Username & Password

Click on Telephony (as you can see these fields are un-editable)

Copy & Paste the following code in the Navigation bar and press Enter
(append it to the URL here~)


URL will look like this

Add or Edit the VoIP details

Click on Apply to save the settings

Few Valid Menatelecom's VoIP accounts:
can be used to make free calls..
(Accounts in format username: password) : Mc9a : ztD9


How to Change Menatelecom CPE WiMAX Internet settings (such as Username / Password)

Fields are not editable

Enter the following code after your Router's IP in navigation bar and press Enter


Full URL

Now the fields are editable

Edit it
then Click Next and Apply

Download: Logo Upload hack page..
Or check
My Downloads


Abdulgeder Alzaydi said...

it is what i am looking for just want to know how to upload My ISP Certificate .pem into this modem

it will be very highly appreciated

Richardlc said...

like to know the default username and password.

The username is the mac but the password i dont know

adwimax said...

I could change password and username but didn't work. I was told that my ISP certificate needs to be uploaded.
It would be appreciated if anyone tells me how.

Rajesh said...

Dear Friend,

I want to add Kalaam Telecom SIP account in Menatelcom Wimax telephone account. I tried above link but its not working. Please help.


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