Tuesday, October 11, 2011

SIM Cloning: COMP128 v1 cards

Good old days

Sim-cards & reader

Home-made sim-cards using Funcard (ATMEL-90S8515) and Silvercard (PIC16F877 + 24C64)

Mobile Operators in Bahrain:
Batelco old simcards (COMP128v1)
Zain (COMP128v2)
VIVA (COMP128v2)


Advantages of sim-cloning
Few advantages are as follows:

1. Backup of your original simcard

2. You use different phones at home and while going out. Swap the phone without swapping the simcard. (prevents the hassle of removing the battery and changing the simcard)

3. No need to go to Mobile service provider to get new Simcard, when your original sim gets damaged.

+ more

More Info
If you switch on two phones with clone sims (both clones or 1 original & 1 clone)
The last switched on phone will be the active one (i.e. Will able to receive Call/SMS)



RamanRJN said...

can u give a tutorial?

shem said...

hi im romel im willing to donate your company, just send me your bank account, teach me how to change the mac of bm622i . pls rply my [email protected] or just contact me this # 09153304166

shem said...

im witting for your rply

EliteBaron said...

how much of that sim cloning device for sale?

Aly said...

I have tried this, you need really old sim cards and generating code could take hours. I use to have a gold 4in1 system to use 4 numbers on one sim. Do you know any place here were I could buy a blank sim?

Unknown said...

baharin where Ibuy sim card reder...

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