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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Zain WiMAX Bahrain: Admin passwords

ADMIN Passwords of various ZAIN WiMAX Devices

Zain WiMAX aka Zain Broadband 2.0

Get Full Access to your device (OWN IT)

Huawei Echolife BM635
Username: admin
Password: Z@1nBhR

Username: admin
Password: Z@1nBhR

Username: zain
Password: Z@1nBhR



Diamond said...

Hi bro.I am also interested in such hacks.Can you add me ?

Shvk3ad said...

Z@1nBhR Does not work with me !!, There is new password ?

Root Shell said...

@Shvk3ad: I haven't got the new device. Zain Wimax devices which I own, have this password.

Amran said...

id and password does not work..

John Dee said...

passwords changed!

Root Shell said...

@John Dee: Yes I came to know about it and I had checked it personally. But still I didn't have the device with new firmware in my hands. Once I get it I will try to crack it.

Anyone willing to sell or give, drop me a message.

Ahmed Salama said...

please any updates ?
password changed and i need to portforward, These retards probably wont let me do it :S

Ayman Al-Qudah said...

ANy one can teach me hacking ??


MAJBOR said...

There is a new password

user : user
password : zain

Adnan khan said...

how can o change wireless password of zain BM636e wimax cpe

Moohd Radhi said...

I need admin password

Kannan Nair said...

pls invite


B593s -22 administrator password if you can please

ammar abuamra said...

seowonintech wimax cpe what is the user id and the pass for that routter plzzzz

m0_90 said...

admin password for huawei e5172as-22 (zain bahrain)
i can access the admin user on the router using these links

but i cannot change the password because i need the old one first

semsem semsembosbos said...

Loader and soft for svr 3000 selevision reciver please

Alimohammed Sarah said...

Make Internet Zain bh all free

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